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Health Benefit
Health Benefit
Convenience foods are not usually celebrated for their nutritional qualities but Heinz founder, Henry J. Heinz, was a bit of a maverick when it came to the key principles behind his best-selling brands. His philosophy of selling wholesome, reasonably priced food still holds true today.

Full of Beans
The beans themselves are dried navy or haricot beans, and it may surprise many baked beans fans to learn that their favourite snack is packed full of goodness. This is good news for parents of children who may shun vegetables but happily tuck into anything that is served with some baked beans.

Hidden Nutrition
Beans are a favourite with most children and they have the added bonus of supplying a significant proportion of the body’s daily requirements of iron, fibre and magnesium. Heinz Baked Beanz are high in iron, low in fat, low in sugar and cholesterol-free. A serving of Baked Beanz (half a 415g can) also counts as a vegetable portion – cunningly disguised healthy vegetable that all children will enjoy.

The Ultimate GI food
The GI (Glycaemic Index) diet may be a relatively recent phenomenon but baked beans have been providing benefits since they were first served. A GI diet works on the principles of eating “good” or complex carbohydrates, and beans are GI winners.

The Habit of a Lifetime
Of course, once a taste for baked beans is acquired, it will stay with you for life. It is a well-known fact that baked beans are standard student fare, with economy being a top priority once people leave home. However, it doesn’t stop there. When you start working or start a family, baked beans will continue to feature on the menu, providing easy, nutritious meals that save precious time.
Copyright © 2013 Heinz Hong Kong Limited. All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2013 Heinz Hong Kong Limited. All Rights Reserved