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Heinz Ketchup History
Grown, Not Made From the Very Beginning
Tomato Ketchup wasn’t the first condiment H. J. Heinz bottled and sold, but it’s become the star of the Heinz family of products. In the local diner, at the family table, at picnics, parks and barbecues, there’s one Ketchup at the top of everyone’s list. Here are a few highlights in the story of how Heinz became America’s Favorite Ketchup.

1876: Heinz Tomato Ketchup makes its official debut. Founder H. J. Heinz packages his first Tomato Ketchup in a clear bottle so customers can see the purity. Just the first of many packaging innovations to come.
1906: Heinz launches the first Ketchup that is completely free from artificial preservatives.
1937: Heinz builds a Ketchup plant in Fremont, Ohio. It becomes the largest Ketchup factory in the world. Today, Fremont produces nearly 34 million cases of Heinz Ketchup every year.
1972: HeinzSeed begins delivering all-natural hybrid tomato varieties cultivated specifically for Heinz Ketchup.
1983: The first squeezable Heinz Ketchup bottle is introduced.
2001: The first upside-down bottle makes its debut. Customers love the clean convenience and easy storage.
2007: The first retail pouch ketchup was launched in Russia.
2010: Dip & Squeeze Ketchup is born, offering 3 times the amount of Ketchup as traditional 9g packets.
Copyright © 2013 Heinz Hong Kong Limited. All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2013 Heinz Hong Kong Limited. All Rights Reserved